Friday, 6 December 2013

Guna Complex n.1

At this time of year we are all more susceptible to cold and flu viruses. The colder drier air in winter allows the viruses to be more stable and airborne longer than at other times of year. Fortunately we have Guna Complex n.1 to aid our own natural defences. it is a complex homeopathic medicine indicated for children and adults for the prevention and treatment of influenza and para-influenza. It helps to increase the response of our own natural immune cells, and avoids the problem of drift in the virus which so often renders the antibody response of the flu vaccine ineffective. Guna Complex n.1 is now registered with the MHRA and can be now dispensed without the need for a consultation.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Winter season

The winter season has arrived and with it the usual seasonal viruses.  Remember to  have at hand the combination of guna medicines for flu/colds.  Guna flu has been renamed Guna complex n.1, registered with the MHRA and is now available  'over the counter'.  In other words you do not have to have a consultation. A good anti-flu protocol is to take one tube once per week for six weeks.  Stop for one month, and then take again on a one per week basis.  If you do become ill, take according to the protocol on my website.   It is effective against seasonal influenza and parainfluenza viruses.

I also recommend citomix for immune support, virus for any viral illness, react for sore throats and feeling run down, and tonsils for inflamed tonsils, loss of voice and sore throat.  Again, take according to the protocol on my website.