Thursday, 7 August 2014

Detox Summit

I have been busy this week with the Detox Summit, hosted by the Institute of Functional Medicine.  Thirty world experts from medicine and scientific research are presenting studies on the influence of environmental toxins on chronic disease.  It's sobering to know that tens of thousands of chemicals have been unleashed on the public, with only 5-10% tested for human safety.  The evidence for connection with chronic diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune disease and cancer is also mounting. The emerging science of molecular toxicology focuses on the continual low level exposure poisoning us on the cellular level, rather than episodes of acute poisoning.  Although detoxification is often a much derided term in the media it is fortunate that we do have strategies to support our innate detoxification mechanisms.  As always, prevention is more important than the cure.  Eat a nutrient dense diet of only organic foods and use only organic personal care and household products to minimise initial exposure.

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