Monday, 18 August 2014


Another new kitchen gadget that I love is my new spiraliser. I have known about them for some time but didn't feel I really needed one. However, since I have finally succumbed and bought one I can see the value in making our quest for grain free eating yet more delicious and varied. I spiralise cucumbers into my salads, make carrot spirals as the basis for my curries and stir fries, courgette spirals underpin my sauce based recipes, and I doubt if there is a nicer snack than sweet potato spirals with garlic and olive oil rubbed in and cooked briefly in the oven. It is a tasty and nutritious way of helping us to eat a rainbow every day of fruit and vegetables.

I have a Lurch Spiraliser bought from Amazon for about £30. It does everything I need and is very simple to use and clean. The web is a good source for recipes.

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