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Gut Matters

Has there ever been a more confusing time to make dietary choices, with new and…

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Green Smoothies

A study at Lund University in Sweden has shown that a drink containing spinach extract…

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Bulletproof Coffee

The idea of bulletproof coffee came into being from a traveller experiencing the rejuvenating effect…

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Is there any limit to the extraordinary health benefits of coconut oil?  Coconut oil, milk…

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New Study Finds Significant Differences between Organic and Non-Organic Food

An important new study conducted by the University of Newcastle has shown that organic crops…

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Detox Summit

I have been busy this week with the Detox Summit, hosted by the Institute of…

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Barbecue Summer

Whether or not the met office promises us a barbecue summer, many of us use…

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Guna Complex n.1

At this time of year we are all more susceptible to cold and flu viruses.…

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Winter season

The winter season has arrived and with it the usual seasonal viruses.  Remember to  have…

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